Online travel sales increased by as much as 34% from 2004 to 2005 and reached EUR 25.2 billion in the European market in 2005 - or 10.3% of the market (up from EUR 18.9 bn. or 7.9% in 2004).

A further increase of about 25% during 2006 to about EUR 31.5 billion may be expected (12.6% of the market). The European online travel market could increase by 6 or 6.5 bn. EUR per year after 2006.

The UK accounted for 35% of the European online travel market in 2005, with Germany in second place at 20%. The direct sellers accounted for 66% of online sales in the European market in 2005, intermediaries 34%.

In 2005 the breakdown of the market by type of service was as follows: Airtravel 56%; Hotels 16%; Package tours 16%; Rail 10%; Rental cars 2%. Concentration in the European online travel agent market has increased following several acquisitions.

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