In a recent call with analysts discussing its fourth quarter and 2012 results, Kaufer said rich user-generated content is the lifeblood of the business, and that its travel community is on pace to add more than 30 million contributions in 2013. This is the second acquisition in less than six months for TripAdvisor. The company acquired Wanderfly a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based travel inspiration site in October 2012 and a year earlier, it bought Where I’ve Been LLC, a travel website and social platform company based in Chicago. During a recent call with analysts, TripAdvisor CFO Julie Bradley said the company going to continue to buy as much traffic as it can. “I buy traffic, I sell traffic. As long as we can do that profitably, we’re going to continue to buy as much as we can. Whereas out social spend has a longer gestation period, we’re looking - we’re buying marketable members that convert that contribute more content, that share more and when they convert, they convert at higher levels. We have a long horizon on that spend.” Get the full story at the Boston Business Journal Related Link: Tiny Post