According to Madigan Pratt, here’s what’s going down and what hoteliers need to do to be prepared: - Automatic Renewal: With the latest renewal hotels will see a notice that reads, “Your subscription will automatically renew on [EXPIRATION DATE] unless you cancel.” Hopefully the year-over-year increases will be less than it was most recently. But then again, you never know. As a publicly traded company they are beholden to their shareholders which means maximize profits. - You Cannot Afford to Drop Out: One of our luxury hotels was so surprised at a recent renewal increase they asked what would happen if it dropped their Business Listing for a year. So we asked TripAdvisor, If the hotel decided to take a hiatus and not renew their Business listing, what would it cost to reinstate it in 2016? Just curious. The answer came back – $50,000! Thinking that perhaps there was some mistake, we asked again. And we received the same response – $50,000. Still concerned there was a mistake we asked a member of management and received the same answer – $50,000. The rationale for such an astronomical sum seems to come from an inside belief that a Business Listing is driving substantial revenue to individual hotels. If a Business Listing sends $250,000 in revenue (by their conversion calculations based on industry norms) then a Business Listing priced at $50,000 is a fair deal. Get the full story at Madigan Pratt & Associates