If there had been any doubt about his resolve, TripAdvisor co-founder and CEO Stephen Kaufer put that to rest when he spoke at the Skift Global Forum 2016 in September in New York City. Kaufer said TripAdvisor is playing the long game and is committed to pursuing what the site calls Instant Booking on TripAdvisor as an alternative for some of its customers who prefer not to link off to hotel and online travel agency sites to complete their bookings. Whether it’s through these facilitated bookings on the behalf of hotels and online travel agencies on TripAdvisor or through its metasearch referral business, TripAdvisor makes money either way. In his talk with Skift co-founder and CEO Rafat Ali, the conversation touched on a variety of issues from flight bookings and restaurant reservations to tours and activities and Kaufer’s desire to stay at TripAdvisor for a protracted period because he feels there is still so much to do. Watch the video at Skift