When TripAdvisor Ads was launched last October, the product was pitched as giving independent restaurants and larger restaurant groups the opportunity to use sponsored placements to drive traffic to their TripAdvisor listings. This new API gives TripAdvisor the opportunity to scale its Ads product with wider distribution for its restaurant marketing solutions. But the API is about more than just scaling. By opening its program up to resellers, agencies, and partners like MomentFeed, Lieberman says TripAdvisor is hoping to make it easier for restaurants to manage their marketing spend and drive more people to their TripAdvisor listings. The API should simplify group purchasing for restaurant groups with multiple locations, in particular, while also creating the opportunity for more flexible pricing options for TripAdvisor Premium and TripAdvisor Ads. TripAdvisor Ads subscriptions can now be managed by third parties, too. Get the full story at StreetFight