With a new range of tools aimed at helping independent hotels and B&Bs compete with their larger chain-based rivals, TripAdvisor is tapping the deep well that is Asia’s hotel industry. And speaking with Travel Daily, the president of TripAdvisor for Business, Marc Charron, said that in terms of future potential, it has barely touched the surface. “Only about 25% of the total properties in Asia are currently registered with the TripAdvisor Management Centre, which enables hoteliers to respond to their traveller reviews,” Charron told Travel Daily in an interview. “That’s just a tremendous opportunity for us to educate and get the word out. “For Business Listings – and this may sound optimistic to you – but I really can’t think of a hotel that wouldn’t benefit from it. It’s your direct contact information – your phone, email, website address – on your listing page on TripAdvisor… It’s where [a hotel’s] reputation is being formed, where people are making decisions; and in some cases there’s a lot more demand on that page than there might be on their own website. So I really think of the Business Listing product… as kind of a no-brainer.” Get the full story at Travel Daily Asia