Following Expedia’s recent buyout of Travelocity, more travel brands are engaging in cross-partnerships to augment their awareness among consumers and offer an increasing amount of features to entice new users. TripAdvisor declined to comment on its exact use of Rove, although the acquisition offers more support to the increasingly popular strategy of apps leveraging mobile location-based options to better cater to consumers. “TripAdvisor’s acquisition of ZeTrip and its Rove app extends the brand throughout the entire customer journey, specifically during and post trip, as well as provides rich customer data and insights,” said Puneet Mehta, CEO of MobileROI, New York. “TripAdvisor can now see, for instance, if people go to the restaurants, attractions, etc. that they researched and planned pre-trip and allow the brand to better personalize the experience based on actual – not planned – behavior. “The next time a customer is planning a trip on TripAdvisor, she could access personal recommendations based on her personal Rove trip diaries, greatly enhancing the consumer experience and boosting affinity towards the brand.” Get the full story at Mobile Marketer Read also "TripAdvisor: From ‘plan the perfect trip’ to ‘plan and book the perfect trip’"