For the traveler, the company wanted to deliver a better experience, particularly on the phone, where 40% of the company’s traffic comes from. Stephen Kaufer, President and CEO of TripAdvisor, explains the refinement of the Instant Booking feature and why it works for mobile users. - "The meta-search environment involves the user on the phone, tablet or desk top looking at the variety of prices that we’ve shown for a particular hotel and clicking off to that other web site, to go explore the different prices and then sometimes finish the booking.” - “On the desk top it is a reasonable experience. It’s what all of our customers have been doing for years and years and years. On the phone it is certainly more painful because you’re clicking off onto someone else’s site and how do you get back? It’s not easy. There’s more friction in the process.” - “And with Instant Book, we are basically bringing the functionality of finishing the booking process. So we are putting that booking flow on TripAdvisor phone and desk top.” - “If the traveler has booked a hotel using Instant Booking on TripAdvisor before, and he wants to book a second hotel, TripAdvisor will have most of the screen filled out already. And if he clicked over to Orbitz this time, for example, then he has to fill out that entire booking form on Orbitz again.” Get the full story at Forbes Read also "The TripAdvisor effect"