Asked whether the exclusivity that he referenced between TripAdvisor and the Priceline Group for TripAdvisor Instant Booking is global in nature, Khosrowshahi told Skift: “I think our understanding is as good as yours right now. They [TripAdvisor] are being fairly tight-lipped. Our anticipation is that over the next couple of months or quarters we are not going to participate.” “Our volumes, as you know have been really strong, at record levels,” Khosrowshahi said. “What we want to have is a demand ecosystem that is healthy where you have plenty of variable channels out there and you have lots and lots of people coming direct to you and that formula has been working for us even with the launch of TripAdvisor Instant Book.” TripAdvisor officials have consistently declined to specify details of the TripAdvisor Instant Booking agreement with the Priceline Group, a pact that increased TripAdvisor’s market share by $3 billion on the day it was announced. Get the full story at Skift