Consider the scenario that you are a loyal TripAdvisor user, always scoping out its consumer reviews of hotels before choosing where to stay, and you’ve even booked a hotel on TripAdvisor without leaving the site or app using what the company refers to as Instant Booking. Comparison-shopping using meta-search sites or features such as on TripAdvisor, Kayak, Google or Hipmunk can be confusing enough for consumers who often think they booked on Kayak when they clicked a link and actually booked through or Hilton. But the loyal TripAdvisor user who wants to book on TripAdvisor - let alone the consumers who have no clue where they are booking when clicking around metasearch sites - could have a dizzying experience trying to find the TripAdvisor booking option because it is presented in a divergent way, each time they return. Get the full story at Skift Read also "TripAdvisor’s tough road after launching Instant Booking"