TripAdvisor has some advantages that weaker competitors such as Hipmunk, Room 77 or Hotel Tonight don’t but consider that while TripAdvisor grew its total selling and marketing spend 9 percent to $756 million in 2016, at the same time Expedia Inc. ratcheted up its marketing spend 29 percent to $4.36 billion, and the Priceline Group’s jumped 23 percent to $4.35 billion. China’s Ctrip, meanwhile, spent a bit more on selling and marketing than TripAdvisor, $844 million, in 2016, and this amounted to a 90 percent jump that was largely tied to its taking control of online booking rival Qunar. So TripAdvisor’s marketing budget is roughly just 17 percent of Expedia’s and Priceline’s and the bigger two competitors’ marketing budgets are growing much faster. Get the full story at Skift