Now, it’s easier than ever to use Special Offers to increase your accommodation’s exposure on TripAdvisor: - Specify a future start date for your offer - any time within the next year - Schedule several Special Offers at once - Reactivate offers you’ve used in the past Schedule a calendar of several customized Special Offers based on the needs of your business. First, check out the trends in your Property Dashboard. Then set offers based on seasonality or to capture visitors attending local events. You can also view and reactivate Special Offers you’ve used before. Special Offers are powerful attention-grabbers. Business Listings subscribers should always have one posted, if possible. Once scheduled, your Special Offers automatically transition from one to the next. The new offer will launch on the start date you choose, replacing the old one. No action is required on your part, so you’ll never miss any potential guests! Get the full story at TripAdvisor