SniqueAway promises that the deals offered on its site will be offered only to those hotels that earn a minimum four-star rating classification and a minimum four out of five TripAdvisor review rating.

There's a catch, though: the private-sale site will be restricted to a limited group of members, who will be allowed to invite their own friends to partake of the deals. The site is accepting new members, although there is a waiting list, a site spokeswoman said. Technically, the site is owned by Smarter Travel Media, which in turn is owned by TripAdvisor Media Group and by TripAdvisor LLC.

"We are letting our members decide how big the community becomes, just like we are letting the people tell us which hotels we should feature," David Krauter, the general manager of SniqueAway, added in an email. "Occasionally, we will let folks off the wait list as well, but access is not immediately guaranteed."

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Here is's launch press-release:

Smarter Travel Media Partners with TripAdvisor to Launch SniqueAway Private Sale for Travel

BOSTON, September 7, 2010