TripAdvisor was one of the earliest adopters to integrate with Facebook, and the social network said in a case study on its Facebook Developers page that the TripAdvisor site, its mobile applications, and the Facebook canvas are all linked by login with Facebook, leading to a seamless experience no matter how TripAdvisor users are accessing the service. Once TripAdvisor users login with Facebook and focus on a destination, they can see ratings, check-ins, likes, and reviews from their Facebook friends. The social network said Facebook users contribute double the amount of content than TripAdvisor users who are not connected to Facebook. TripAdvisor’s Facebook app, which boasts 39 million monthly active users, allows users to create travel maps, rate attractions, earn badges, and see how they stack up against friends in terms of cities and countries visited, and all of those actions produce stories in Facebook’s News Feed. More than 1 billion Open Graph actions have been published to Facebook by TripAdvisor users. Get the full story at AllFacebook