During the very interesting conversation, Stephen Kaufer once again highlighted that TripAdvisor is not contracting hotel rooms directly. The company sees itself as a media business, helping consumers go further down the funnel, but at the end of the day it's still Getaroom, it’s still Best Western, and somebody else who’s selling the hotel room on TripAdvisor. As for Priceline and Expedia not participating in TripAdvisor's Instant Booking initiative, Kaufer says the two simply said that they are not participating for now. And the “for now” presumably revolves around the fact that Instant Booking is currently only available on mobile. The phone, not including tablet, is a small portion of TripAdvisor bookings and a small portion of the OTA bookings. It is great for the consumer on the phone, but it’s not particularly a big deal in terms of the number of leads that we send. With Instant Booking TripAdvisor is looking at independent hotels as being a great opportunity for them to expand their distribution opportunities, as long as there is a way to technically connect with them. Instant Booking is a distribution channel, not an OTA. It's not buying a click from Google. It's something in between. Get the full story at Skift