The India opportunity is huge, says Kaufer, with currently almost 140 million unique Internet users expected to grow 2.5 times by some estimates by the end of 2015. We have no questions about the potential of the market, which is already the third largest base of Internet users after China and the US. Again, according to estimates, almost 40% of all Internet users in India plan or book travel online, which translates into a very serious number of travellers who can benefit from TripAdvisor’s unparalleled travel content on millions of hotels, attractions and restaurants across the globe and within India, of course. Also, as more and more Indian travellers book their hotel stays online, we believe TripAdvisor will continue to fuel hotel bookings growth for our partners—both the OTAs (online travel agencies) as well as hotels themselves - by providing Indian travellers with the largest volume of traveller-generated reviews on hotels in India, and thereby enabling them to discover and book the most appropriate hotels for their travel. Get the full story at Livemint