TripAdvisor has reached another industry milestone, with more than three million travel reviews and opinions now posted on the site. TripAdvisor's reviews and opinions, submitted by real travelers, provide a comprehensive resource for travelers to get the whole truth on hotels and destinations before planning and taking a vacation, weekend getaway or business trip. TripAdvisor's traveler reviews cover more than 200,000 hotels and attractions worldwide.

"TripAdvisor's steady growth is the result of satisfying travelers' need for real and trusted information on hotels and attractions," said Steve Kaufer, CEO of TripAdvisor. "It's not just the incredible breadth and depth of content but the freshness of information from fellow travelers that keeps people coming to the site."

Founded in February 2000, TripAdvisor has enabled travelers to post honest, timely and unbiased reviews to benefit other travelers who are planning a trip. By January 2005, more than one million reviews and opinions had been posted on TripAdvisor and, in June 2005, the company announced reaching the two million mark. Today, TripAdvisor users have posted more than three million reviews and opinions, effectively tripling its January 2005 advice offering in less than one year.