According to the results of a new survey by TripAdvisor more than eight in 10 restaurateurs in the United States believe they should be doing more to promote their businesses, but only 17% say they’ve hired a dedicated employee to handle marketing tasks and just 1% use an outside marketing consultant. That disconnect between what restaurants should be doing and what they’re actually doing is of particular interest to Gerard Murphy, director of product of TripAdvisor Restaurants, as he speaks to business owners who feel overwhelmed when they think about marketing strategy. Murphy says he was surprised to learn that nearly half of U.S. restaurateurs reported spending less than 10% of their time on marketing activities, given how many channels are available now for restaurateurs interested in taking control of their online presence. “It shows that if restaurateurs increase the time and effort they spend on marketing even a little bit, they can raise their game above the competition,” he says. Get the full story at Street Fight and TripAdvisor