In an email to subscribers, the Wanderfly team explained: A few years ago, we created Wanderfly to make the online travel experience more personal, fun and beautiful. From a dinner conversation idea, to a dozen employees crammed in a Soho/Brooklyn loft, to being honored as a top 10 startup, it has been a crazy few years. In 2012, TripAdvisor acquired Wanderfly so that millions of travelers around the world could find the same travel inspiration and recommendations that Wanderfly fans already enjoyed. We’re so proud to say that what started as a spontaneous “why not?” idea is now part of the world’s largest travel website. The Wanderfly site will go offline in about a week. This means your Wanderfly account, profile and content will no longer be available on the site. Going forward, we hope you will continue to find and share travel recommendations at TripAdvisor. Get the full story at Social Times