Leisman: Prior to coming to TripAdvisor, my number-one challenge was always how to drive more traffic, more engagement, and increase loyalty. That is something that simply doesn’t keep me up at night now as we already have such a massive audience on both the industry side, which I focus on, and the consumer side. It’s quite a different challenge. Primarily, I’m focused on educating the owners of the hotels, restaurants, and attractions businesses on how they can leverage their presence on TripAdvisor. Because we list everyone we can find, a hotel is going to be on TripAdvisor whether it intends to be or not. So, as industry marketers, it’s important for us to educate our business users on what they can do to engage with our community and engage with travellers from all across the world. As well as the three different channels we work with - hotels, restaurants, and attractions - we have owners of different sizes, everyone from a two-room, intimate B&B in the middle of Tuscany, to a 4,000-room hotel in Las Vegas. These businesses have very different needs and very different ways of looking at their relationship with TripAdvisor and engaging. In a nutshell, there’s a lot of information to work through, a lot of awareness building, and a lot of execution to ensure businesses are educated on all TripAdvisor can offer them. Get the full story at CMO