TripConnnect instant booking – which for the first time ever allows hotels to acquire guests directly on TripAdvisor – is one of the more than 250 distribution channels integrated with The Channel Manager, offering global reach to SiteMinder's more than 19,000 hotel customers. "TripAdvisor is a traveller's brand; they trust it and use it at home, at work and when they're on the move, from the instant they start dreaming of travelling to the moment they make the decision to purchase. So, it's an important channel for hotels, where they can attract and reach a global audience, and own the guest relationship throughout the entire booking process. We are excited to see the significant take-up of the connection among our customers and the demand is quickly growing," says Fig Cakar, SiteMinder's Managing Director – the Americas. "SiteMinder is pleased to partner with a channel provider that supports its simple, low cost business model. With TripConnect instant booking, hotels pay only when bookings turn into guest stays, so they receive greater value for their spend while benefiting from lower costs of acquisition." Hotel customers of SiteMinder who sign up for instant booking benefit from maintaining full control of their rates and inventory, which are pushed out to the TripAdvisor site in real-time through The Channel Manager. Bookings made on TripAdvisor are then delivered back to the hotel's property management system or central reservation system through SiteMinder's Channel Manager, to enable easy tracking, measurement and reporting for users. To further support hotels in gaining speed-to-market, SiteMinder has also implemented a complete self-signup process so customers can immediately map their rooms to the TripAdvisor site and start attracting bookings within 24 hours. Maud Larpent, Director, Direct Connect Development, TripAdvisor says, "SiteMinder is a great TripConnect Premium Partner. They are at the forefront of enabling seamless conversions for independent hotels around the world, offering a two-way connection to TripConnect instant booking and equipping their hotel customers to acquire bookings directly on TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site." Related Link: SiteMinder