TripHobo has seen 25,000 itineraries created by its users in the last six months and a 300 percent growth rate in the number of monthly unique visitors to about 150,000 now. Its itinerary planning and optimization feature is also available for close to 180 cities now, up from 70 cities previously. The service is also a hotel recommendation engine, tied in to, that provides suggestions for hotels based on the distance within your selected attractions. This is particularly useful if you want to reduce the amount of distance you have to travel throughout your trip. You can then book your hotel right within TripHobo as well. With the latest funding, Kumar revealed that TripHobo is seeking to create about a million user-generated itineraries for about 3,000 cities in the next two years, to become a “TripAdvisor of itineraries” - just like TripAdvisor mainly dishes up reviews, it wants to serve an audience by collating the largest collection of itineraries. Get the full story at The Next Web