There are lots of online booking and reservations services, but TripIt is marking out a new niche: personal travel organizer. Gregg Brockway describes the service as follows:

Online travel is more than a decade old and travelers use multiple sites to book their trips. TripIt is the next wave in online travel, helping travelers consolidate and organize all their travel no matter where they book.

With TripIt, you simply email us your travel confirmation emails and we do the rest. First, we?ll automatically add the basic information you need to make almost every trip easier, such as maps, weather, directions, destination info and more. Second, we?ll help you share your travel plans with the people who need to know--friends, family & co-workers. Third, with a consolidated view of your plans, we can anticipate user needs and make relevant suggestions. Finally, by integrating with the applications people use most, TripIt will give you access to the right information when and where you need it - online, in print, via mobile, or in your calendar.

Travel is hard enough without having to worry about keeping track of your trip details, let alone your friends? plans. Like a good personal assistant, TripIt takes care of the details for you.

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