Aiming to help hotels do a better job at direct selling - rather than letting a plethora of travel sites and hotel booking aggregators, such as and Expedia, cream off the top of their profits by means of affiliate revenue - Triptease’s best-known product is ‘Price Check‘, a widget that sits on hotel websites and displays prices from across the web in real-time. The idea is to reduce the uncertainty surrounding a hotel’s direct price, and ensure you don’t wander off to search elsewhere but instead book direct and with confidence. “The main reason why people leave a hotel website to book elsewhere is an oft-mistaken belief that the price will be cheaper (a decade ago that used to be true). We show them it is not and increase direct bookings as a result,” Triptease co-founder and CEO Charlie Osmond told me last February. Other tools provided by the startup include a broader price checking data platform that scours the web and alerts hotels when they are being undercut, a website messaging feature designed to catch visitors before they are about to leave a hotel’s own website, and - coming soon - a re-targeting ad solution. Get the full story at TechCrunch