Initial results have been strong with early partners seeing a 35% increase in onsite conversions in the first month on average. Triptease's head of Business Development, Alexandra Zubko said: “We have been delighted by the commitment from a leader like Sabre. I think we are both pleasantly surprised by just how effective Price Check has been in driving direct bookings for clients. Does it solve all a hotel business’s problems in one move? No. But with our simple integration process hoteliers across the world can turn more lookers to bookers and drive their direct bookings by 35% within a month.” Luxury Family Hotels has recently integrated Price Check to good effect. Jonathan Parker, Head of Sales and Revenue at Luxury Family Hotels said, "Thanks to Triptease and SynXis we've been the first to integrate Price Check for our guests. We're already seeing a difference and will now be conducting more tests with the Triptease team to see how we can best optimise and increase how many people book direct with us.” Related Link: Triptease