Price Check is an add-on for a hotel's website It displays live prices from three OTAs in the booking process. Once a guest searches for date availability, Triptease scans the web for comparable up-to-date prices. The widget reacts to the market and will offer guests a rate match if a cheaper price is found elsewhere. "Our goal is to bring pricing transparency to the market. This is great for consumers. They clearly feel reassured by the meta-like experience and are more likely to make an immediate booking as a result" said Charlie Osmond, Chief Tease and co-founder of Triptease. "The A/B tests have shown an immediate increase in conversion, higher revenues and reduced exit rates from each hotel's website. We've noticed an especially pronounced impact on returning visitors, as they progress along the booking funnel," he added. "Since implementing Price Check we've seen a marked increase in bookings coming through our website," said Julie Grieve of Lateral City Apartments. "It just works. We saw our booking page exit rate fall by 25% in the first month and have continued to see more direct bookings month on month." The high demand has allowed the company to accelerate product development and from this week Price Check is also available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian as the ambitious start-up's push to drive direct online bookings across the world continues. The company expects to announce new industry partnerships and further results in the coming weeks. In February Triptease announced a $2M funding round. To see Price Check in action visit: Hotel Liostasti and Hotel De Diseno For more information, visit