We could discuss for days which model is better and whether it’s good for the hotel or not. The reality is quite different and, once again, it confirms that direct sales, much to our displeasure, are getting more and more complicated every day. We must get used to coexisting with giants such as Google, trivago and TripAdvisor, but also learn how to use them intelligently, with the purpose of making more profit and reducing OTA dependence. The challenges are still where do OTAs hold on to in order to defend their model and being capable of improving profitability by moving sales from OTAs to the direct channel, despite the costs which derive from Google, trivago and TripAdvisor. At Mirai, we believe this is possible, but we also know that it’s not as simple as connecting your search engine and waiting for the bookings to come in. The key, once again, is to have the best technology, combine it with a good strategy and implement it wisely. Get the full story at Mirai