YouGov data reveals that among US adults who recall seeing a Trivago ad in the past year, 35% are between the ages of 18 and 49. On the other hand, 46% of consumers who report seeing an ad for TripAdvisor in the same timeframe fall within the 18-49 age range, as do 44% of those who saw a commercial for Priceline. As one might expect, older Americans aren’t as likely to book accommodations via an online travel site as their younger peers. Indeed, nearly two-thirds of Trivago’s current customers are 49 and under. Age aside, however, there’s another problem. Additional numbers suggest that fewer than half (45%) of US consumers who’ve seen a Trivago ad in the past year say they’re likely to stay at a hotel in the next 12 months. For people who’ve seen an ad for either TripAdvisor or Priceline, their reported likelihood is above 50%. So while the Trivago Guy might hold a peculiar popularity with many Americans, if his efforts aren’t converting viewers into paying customers, he might be better off entertaining a more targeted crowd. Get the full story at Forbes