The online travel specialist also continued to suffer red ink, with a 5.9 million euro net loss attributable to the company being wider than the year-earlier figure. Trivago's most basic fundamental numbers show the tug of war going on in the travel industry right now. The company did a reasonably good job of finding new business, with qualified referrals climbing by a fifth to 214.2 million. The problem Trivago faces is that it wasn't able to generate as much revenue from each of those qualified referrals as it had in the past. The quarter's figure for revenue per qualified referral fell 3% to 1.32 euros. Returns on advertising spending fell by about four percentage points to 111%, also reflecting weakness among the company's partners. Trivago has seen big differences in its geographical segments. In the Americas, referral revenue gains amounted to 12% on a 9% rise in qualified referrals, outpacing the 6% sales boost and 1% rise in referrals from developed Europe. Trivago saw nice gains in the rest of the world, with a better than three-fifths rise in revenue coming from a 56% boost in referrals. Yet foreign exchange issues weighed on growth, and decelerating spending on advertising contributed to slower increases. Moreover, revenue per referral in the rest of the world segment are far less than what it makes in the Americas and Europe. Get the full story at The Motley Fool Read also "Trivago concedes it overspent on advertising, lowers forecasts"