The company’s managing director, Andrew Shelton, revealed there had been a 15 percent drop in searches for US destinations since Trump’s inauguration on 20 January. “On the face of it, our data suggests Brits are voicing their disapproval of the President with their clicks,” he said. “Since Trump took office, we’ve seen a 15 per cent drop in searches for travel to the US – and both the confusion over the weekend’s announcements about travel restrictions and media coverage of the reaction, could stoke that uncertainty further. “It’s too early to point to a ‘Trump Slump’ – we know it takes a lot to knock Brits off their desire to travel – but they are fickle. If this trend continues then the US tourism authorities shouldn’t necessarily presume Brits will be thinking ‘America First’ when it comes to their holiday plans this year with quite the same certainty as they have in the past.” Get the full story at Travelmole