International visitors spent about $250 billion in the U.S. last year, Sacks said. The U.S. will have about 4.3 million fewer foreign visitors this year thanks to Trump, which translates into $7.4 billion of lost revenue, according to his firm. In New York, which attracts almost 30 percent of the nation's foreign tourists, officials still expect an overall record of 61.7 million visitors, 1 million more than in 2016, due to rising domestic tourism. Though international travelers amount to 20 percent of all city visitors, they account for about half the total that tourists spend. Officials say 300,000 fewer international travelers will cost the city economy about $900 million. "The last time we dealt with something like this was after the Iraq war and the financial crisis and worldwide recession," said Christopher Heywood, global communications director for NYC & Company, New York's marketing agency. The office plans a $3 million advertising campaign in western Europe and Mexico this year, he said. Get the full story at the Chicago Tribune Read also "Data shows 'Trump slump' continues" at Travel Weekly