caught up with one of the only CRS providers providing rate and availability information to Google for inclusion in these beta features. Trust International, a global CRS provider with Taj Hotels and Leading Hotels of the World as its most high-profile clients, has been working with Google on an experimental basis since December of last year. Trust claims to be the first independent CRS to offer rates and availability to Google for the initial Hotel Price Ads product and, just earlier this month, for the introduction of Google Hotel Finder. Trust’s VP of IT and Product Development Sandy Riach said Google’s original Hotel Price Ads feature—the drop-down window that appears throughout Google’s search results and most importantly on Google Places pages—isn’t as successful as both Google and Trust would have liked. To implement more of a “call to action,” Google introduced the Hotel Finder application earlier this month, and Riach said Trust and its hotel clients are excited about the new customer-friendly interface. Riach also shed light on many concerns hoteliers have about working with Google. Get the full story at