LIVE OS by eRevMax is a unique hospitality operating system that integrates with any service provider requested by the hotels to offer a single point of access for multiple solutions. Partners benefit by getting direct visibility to the eRevMax Hotel Network while making technology integration to new and exciting hotel clients much easier. Michael Menzel, VP Strategic Partnerships at TrustYou emphasizes, “Being integrated within eRevMax’s distinguished multiservice solution, LIVE OS, as their premier partner for reputation data is very exciting. As the world’s largest guest feedback platform, we can give hotels deep insights into their guest’s opinions by collecting and analyzing feedback from across the globe. Integrating our data in the LIVE OS solution gives hotels access to our extensive feedback data, and helps to enhance bookings and to improve their operations. This mutual partnership gives TrustYou a great opportunity to showcase the feedback platform and products to eRevMax’s comprehensive database." TrustYou will appear as a complimentary tile on the LIVE OS platform where hotels can access review score, rating and number of verified reviews for their property for free. Yoram Ben-Zvi, SVP - LIVE OS at eRevMax commented, “We are glad to have TrustYou as a key partner on LIVE OS. The objective of LIVE OS is to create ‘Profits through Unity’. We want to make it easier for hotels to manage all their service providers in one place. LIVE OS presents real-time information from partners and flags immediate business actions when required – all in one place. TrustYou provides essential guest review data for hotels to monitor and manage their brand reputation online. We are excited to offer this information on LIVE OS for free for all hotels using the platform, irrespective of whether they are subscribed to TrustYou. Hotels can also register to premium services offered by TrustYou for an in-depth analysis on guest reviews. Finally, we are creating deeper integration with TrustYou to develop action capabilities to improve review rating to further benefit hoteliers.” eRevMax continues to expand its partner network to provide hoteliers with everything they need on a single platform. The addition of TrustYou as a tile on LIVE OS will provide hotels with reliable review scores for them to strategize and offer impeccable guest experience. LIVE OS is a free platform and eRevMax is happy to invite hotels to request a demo at to see how they can benefit from LIVE OS.