While TUI Group’s Fritz Joussen acknowledges that the continued growth of tourism in Spain is presenting “a little bit of a challenge,” he believes most people are happy because of the overall benefits to the economy. Spain is arguably the epicenter of the overtourism debate with campaigners in Barcelona and the Balearic Island of Majorca stepping up their attacks on tourism in recent months. The problem in Spain is being exacerbated by the country’s continued tourism growth. Terrorism in North Africa and the Middle East has persuaded Europeans to head to perceived safe destinations. Figures recently released by the UNWTO, show that the number of international arrivals to Spain increased by 10.3 percent in 2016, cementing its place as the world’s third favorite destination. And Spain is not alone in having to face up to the challenge: Amsterdam, Reykjavik and even the Scottish Isle of Skye are all wrestling with the idea of too many tourists. Get the full story at Skift