SimpliFlying published its monthly Twitter Report (in partnership with Eezeer) for July 2011 in continuation with our coverage and analysis of the dynamic social media landscape for airlines. A number of facts are immediately clear from this report: - Airlines are using Twitter more than ever before. The number of tweets increased by 51% from March 2011 to July 2011. - However, most of the tweets are being sent out by a small number of the airlines on Twitter. To be precise, 30 airlines account for 84% of the tweets, which is up from 26 providing 80% of the tweets in the May report. - Delta Air Lines still sends and receives the most number of tweets, which has been the trend since the first report. However, while the response rate to public tweets may seem like a paltry 20% of the tweets, we’ve confirmation from Delta Air Lines that when we include Direct Messages, the airline responds to over 50% of the messages! - Over a hundred airlines still don’t seem to have a strategy for Twitter, as only 82 out of the 191 airlines tweet actively - In South America, TAM Brazil is the most followed airline, with over 225,000 people following the airline’s tweets. Get the full story at SimpliFlying