It doesn’t take much to see why the travel industry and Twitter are a natural fit. “Twitter lends itself quite naturally to the travel industry,” says Dan Greene, Director of US Online Sales & Operations at Twitter. It is immediate, people use it to find and exchange information quickly, to follow an interest or share something in real-time - like a video just taken or a news story just read. “We all travel and people love to talk about travel. And there is also a big focus on cost and deals,” says Greene. Many in the travel industry – and in particular the airlines – have recognised this and already use the platform to promote deals or deal with customer queries. In fact according to a recent study by Exact Target, although Twitter has fewer users than Facebook, their regular users are the most influential online consumers. According to Greene, a growing trend is that travel brands are incorporating their Twitter presence into integrated marketing campaigns. In doing so they are bringing online and offline together. For example, Priceline includes the hashtag #TheNegotiators at the end of their new commercials, the MGM Grand uses their Twitter handle on billboardsand Virgin America has even included hashtags on airplanes. “We expect this trend to continue and become more pronounced this year and beyond,” he says. Get the full story at EyeForTravel