You’ll indicate your interest in an advertiser simply by visiting the company’s site or by viewing its ads elsewhere. Twitter receives a browser cookie ID and can then play matchmaker and showcase paid tweets from that advertiser in your tweet stream. Alternatively, if the advertiser has your email address, the company can share it with Twitter — in “scrambled, unreadable” format, Twitter says — which would also allow Twitter to match your Twitter identity to your flower-seeking alter ego and equally effectively target you that way. The result, Twitter says, will be ads that are more relevant and welcome — like coupons and discounts from companies whose sites you visit. The new targeted option is completely opt-out, Twitter says, via the Promoted Content option in your Twitter settings page. It’s checked by default, allowing Twitter advertisers to target you, but unchecking it will not allow advertisers to target you based on off-Twitter advertiser-supplied data. Get the full story at VentureBeat and Twitter