The average price paid by U.S. travelers domestically rose 5 percent to $137, with prices rising in all but two of the Top 50 most popular destinations in the country. Internationally, the strength of the dollar led to price decreases in many of the most popular destinations for American travelers in Latin America and APAC, where travelers received more value for their money. The global HPI stood at 113 at the end of 2014, 13 points higher than at its launch in 2004 and on a par with its 2008 level but still four points lower than its peak at 117 in 2007. Johan Svanstrom, president of the brand, said: "Although the Index rose again last year, it is still way behind its peak of seven years ago, which is great news for consumers. Each year is unique in the travel industry and 2014 was no exception, bringing its own opportunities and challenges. Global events, such as the Winter Olympic Games and World Cup, predictably attracted travelers to new destinations. Yet unforeseen tragedies, including the Ebola outbreak, the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 and the loss of MH17 left their own mark." Get the full story at Hospitality.Net