The U.S. online average daily rate (oADR), the industry's best analytic for competitive pricing, currently ranges among the top-25 destinations from a high of $414 to a low of $113 this October. Based on industry surveys, e− estimates that in 2016 about 65% of all reservations are made online via brand websites and travel agent merchant websites, compared with only one-fourth eight years ago. On year-over-year basis, the U.S. average online ADR is up (+0.6%) in October from a year ago, lower than the previous month's year-over-year growth rate of (+0.9%). This October, the average trivago online room rate in Boston, despite a dip of (−7.6%) from last year, hit $414 a night, making the city the most expensive destination among the top-25 U.S. hotel markets. New York takes the second place in October with an online room rate of $390, after a drop of (−5.8%) from a year ago. In Washington D.C., the online room rate in October is growing (+2.4%) from last year to $339 a night, ranking the city in the third place of the most expensive destinations in the United States. At the bottom of the list, the three least expensive, or most affordable, cities to visit this October are: Salt Lake City recording a trivago online ADR of $131 a night after a (−3.7%) change from a year ago; Houston posts an online ADR of $125 following a (−12.6%) change from last year; and lastly, the most affordable popular destination in the country is San Antonio with an online ADR of $113 after a nil change from a year ago. With a median online ADR of $182 amongst the top-25 most popular U.S. destinations, Atlanta is the country's average affordable city to visit this October. Get the full story at Hospitality.Net