The past few months have been a flurry of activity as Khosrowshahi puts his own stamp on the troubled company. Ride-hailing is and will remain Uber’s core business for the near term — but Khosrowshahi sees a whole world of potential outside the car. The first part of the job, well, you’ve probably read all about Uber’s disastrous 2017. Every day seemed to bring a fresh allegation, a new self-inflicted humiliation or scandal, and the further deterioration of the company’s responsibility to operate in good faith on behalf of its drivers and customers. Khosrowshahi has made plenty of apologies. And now he’s trying to focus on making Uber a better company. He’s made some pretty good progress. Uber bought dockless bike-share company Jump for a reported $150–200 million. Uber’s also making moves to add car-sharing vehicles, as well as public transportation like buses and trains, to its app. The company will also share more of its data on traffic patterns and curbside usage with cities in an effort to become “true partners to cities for the long term,” Khosrowshahi said. And, of course, there are the flying cars. Get the full story at The Verge