It’s a subtle swipe at previous management under ousted CEO Travis Kalanick, of course, which most definitely grew the car-hailing company into a giant. But it — and I also include the Uber board in this group — also drove Uber smack into an even bigger wall that has included ugly regulatory and toxic cultural crack-ups. And it’s been up to former Expedia CEO Khosrowshahi, the adult brought in to clean up the mess earlier this year — he’s calling those disasters “firefights,” by the way — and to define what’s next for Uber. That includes scripting a new set of what are being called “cultural norms,” crafted from suggestions solicited from the entire company. Along with almost two dozen focus groups of employees, more than 1,200 ideas were submitted and were voted on 22,000 times. The focus of what was distilled is on customers, drivers and more. Get the full story at Recode