The new Uber for Business incorporates a lot of user feedback to provide easy setting of rules to ensure travel policy is followed, as well as group-based access levels and custom program creation. Previously, a lot of the heavy lifting on employee Uber use policies had to be done manually: HR would basically tell employees what they were and weren’t allowed to do in terms of Uber usage, and hope that employees would stick to the letter of the policies in place. Now, however, companies using Uber for Business can set those rules ahead of time to streamline the process of expensing rides, and ensure greater compliance. Managers can easily create programs that limit things like the type of car used, the total amount riders can expense, what time of day Uber can be used and even geographic limits on where it can be expensed. These rules can all be combined in custom programs, including things like First and Last Mile programs for commuters, recruiting and client travel programs, employee perks, and general travel transport expense programs. Get the full story at TechCrunch