The patent titled, “Uber Travel” resembles a form that one would find on a travel site like Expedia. However, this would have Uber cars in the mix. As per the form, user can input their starting location with a future date and time. The destination will be set while a return option is also available. The return options would include locations for pickup, with the date and time. Subsequently, the last option would say “Magic” wherein users will have cabs booked as per their travel itineraries. All in all, the patent reveals how the app will offer recommended hotels, flights and the cost of a Uber car as well, to get you to the final destination. Clearly, Uber is the middle man in this situation. It seems that the company will partner up with different parties to display their products on the company’s search page. This is akin to the company’s business model where the company itself doesn’t hold any capital but acts as a facilitator between customers and businesses. The patent further shows users an entire catalog of options, such as flight times and seat preferences, while it will also connect to services such as Airbnb. Get the full story at BIDNESS ETC