The ban, described by Uber as “not progressive,” came through late Wednesday with immediate effect, meaning Uber is liable for a €25,000 ($33,462) fine each time it illegally carries a passenger. Its drivers - not that it admits to having drivers as such - will also be liable for fines of up to €20,000 ($26,780) for flouting the ban. When Uber lodges its challenge to the ban, as it says it will, it may succeed in suspending the ban as it did in Hamburg last month, keeping everyone safe from being fined. However, it doesn’t appear to have done this yet. In a Thursday blog post, Uber said it would challenge the injunction, which it claimed “seeks to restrict freedom and limit mobility in Berlin and beyond.” However, it hasn’t actually filed its challenge yet. A Bloomberg report suggested that Uber has taken out extra insurance to cover its drivers, fixing at least one of the Senate’s complaints. Get the full story at GigaOM and Bloomberg