UberEats will be accessible from within Uber's existing app, although the food option only shows up when consumers are in the coverage area. The service promises dishes from "popular, iconic restaurants" delivered curbside - not to your door - "faster than it takes to boil water." An Uber representative told The Verge that UberEats has its own dedicated drivers. Lunch options will range from $9 to $12, while dinner options will range from $10 to $15. The Uber rep said meals come with a $3 delivery fee ($4 in New York City), regardless of the number of meals you order. In a blog post about the expansion, Uber says it plans to "curate" menus, which will change daily, just like any other artisanal app experience. For its inaugural run in New York City, UberEats will kick off with "an exclusive sandwich" from American Cut, Kale Caesar salad from Sweetgreen, the steak sandwich from Num Pang, and more. Chicago consumers can order the Pepito Torta from XOCO and Carne Asada Cemita from Cemitas, among other offerings. Get the full story at The Verge