The Frankfurt injunction, which was issued late last week, is reported to be enforceable until the start of any hearing appealing the ban — so is very likely to be lifted soon. Update: Uber has confirmed to TechCrunch that it intends to both appeal the injunction and to continue operating in Germany ahead of its appeal (see below for the company’s full statement). The civil action has been brought by the German taxi industry. At issue is the lack of an official permit for Uber to operate in Germany under its Passenger Transport Act. The court accuses Uber of unfair competition vs regulated taxi industries, given that its undercutting price model, which relies on drivers using their own cars to offer a ride-hailing service, could mean corners are being cut on areas such as insurance. A report in Spiegel Online notes the Frankfurt injunction carries a penalty fine of €250,000/$330,000 per violation, and the threat of jail time against Uber’s directors. Get the full story at TechCrunch Read also "Uber says it will continue service in Germany despite ban" at Entrebreneur