More and more TripAdvisor contributions are tagged “via mobile.” The company would not disclose any volume numbers, but says that despite some worries internally that mobile contributions and mobile access could possibly weaken the contributors connection to TripAdvisor, the worries proved to be unfounded. “We were all pretty surprised. Who was going to write long form reviews on mobile? And we debated a long time whether we should introduce a different kind of system. " says Adam Medros, TripAdvisor’s VP of Global Product. "But we built it and we watched what happened. And we have been really pleased. The percent of reviews coming from mobile is a very healthy number. And the quality and the robustness of those reviews have not at all been compromised. Sometimes we get longer and higher quality reviews via mobile as people are using that free moments they have as opposed when they are next in front of their desk top computer.” The mobile tag is important to TripAdvisor for two reasons: From a marketing standpoint, they want people to know that TripAdvisor has a mobile app to promote its use. And they want people to have the context in which something was written, since for mobile the review may be a little shorter, or not with fully formed sentences. Get the full story at Forbes