UK consumers are keen travelers and have taken full advantage of the digital revolution to help plan trips. However, that development has disrupted the entire travel market, according to a new eMarketer report, “The UK Travel Industry: Consumers Turn to Digital for More Choices.” eMarketer estimates that in 2013, 25.8 million people in the UK, or 51.2% the population ages 18 and over, will search for travel digitally. Moreover, 23.2 million people, or 46.0% of the country’s population, will book travel that way. Looking ahead, eMarketer predicts UK digital travel sales will expand by one-third, rising from £18.44 billion (nearly $29.27 billion) to £24.68 billion (around $39.17 billion) between 2013 and 2017. But at the same time, the sector’s growth rate will shrink from 11.8% to 5.3%. Get the full story at eMarketer