New analysis from the DMA’s Customer Engagement: Travel research highlights the top travel brands and how they fit into one of two groups – either engaging emotionally or functionally with their consumers. ‘Functional’ brands include, Expedia, Trivago and Easyjet, while those with an ‘Emotional’ connection were Thomson, Thomas Cook and British Airways. The research also found that each travel brand uses a signature mix of functional and emotional methods to engage their audience. ‘Functional’ brands focus on delivering value for the individual, offering consumers the best value for money by giving good service at low prices. While they might not be the most convenient to book with, these brands deal with issues efficiently to ensure a smooth holiday experience. Furthermore, they reflect the personality of their consumers to make them feel unique and special. Examining the way these ‘Functional’ brands specifically – and saw the areas where they win support compared to others. Against the average favourite brand, functional brands score highly on their ability to deliver lower prices (+24%), good service (+10%), reflecting consumer personality (+10%) and dealing with issues (+5%). Get the full story at Netimperative