Magic Rooms, will launch on April 15, be registered in the UK and will be fronted by former OHG sales director Brian Young as managing director. Ex-OHG chief executive Steve Endacott will not be involved. Fontenla-Novoa told Travel Weekly that about 15 of OHG's staff in finance, product and back office roles would be re-employed across the old business's two offices in Manchester and Crawley, but he stressed it would be a "slimmed down version" of the former operation. Fontenla-Novoa said: "I do believe that there is a space in the market for a good independent B2B bed bank and also believe in Brian and his team. I also believe in the relationships that we will have with travel agents, which Brian is key to. Distribution is absolutely crucial." Get the full story at Travel Weekly and an interview with Magic Rooms' Managing Director at Travel Weekly